Dana Da Designated Hata




March 8


Dana Da Designated Hata® hails from one of the most sought after locations in the world. Many have searched for her hometown whereabouts and failed. Others simply couldn’t determine where exactly to make that left turn. Although Albakerkey has been home to Dana for many years… she sometimes needs to escape.

A few year’s ago while surfing the Internet, Dana discovered a Hip-Hop Radio Show featuring DJ Reality, which was streaming live straight out of the Treasure Coast in Florida. Being the Hata that she is, Dana simply couldn’t resist giving them a piece of her mind. This gave birth to a new generation of hate and Dana has been infiltrating the entertainment industry ever since.

Needless to say, after that first blast of Hate… Dana’s voice can now be heard on the syndicated Urban Music show “The WallBanger Experience” where she Co-Hosts with DJ Reality aka More Exclusives than Your Favorite DJ.

This Hater @ Large has one dirty little secret… she is addicted to the silver screen watching movie after movie…therefore making her believe she is more than qualified to critique the industry. Think about it… Who better to judge what’s worth your time or money than a Designated Hata? Movie goers everywhere should check out “The Reels with Dana” to see who passes the Hata’s test before purchasing their next ticket or stacking it in their online movie queue.

Does she stop with Radio and Movies… No! Dana continues the Hate by interviewing both new and seasoned artists within the entertainment/music industry for the sake of her fans. Forever humanizing and correcting mainstream media’s twisted portrayal of what is considered to be news worthy, cutting edge or even relative.

While some people feel the need to gossip in order to be heard, Dana is quite the opposite. She doesn’t believe in putting peoples business out in the street. However, if it’s already out there…she’s not afraid to speak her mind about the issues, unlike most people in the game. The bottom line is that Dana will say out loud what everyone else is thinking.

This animated vixen is fierce on the eyes, quick with the lip, and can dominate the King’s English like no other. Dana Da Designated Hata® holds true to who she is and never pretends to be something that she’s not!

As far as Dana Da Designated Hata® is concerned, Relax… there’s a little Hata in everyone!